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Tool-tips on website are small things which can play a big role in website design. Default browser tool-tip has certain limitations, e.g. you cannot control the back-ground or text color and html tags are not supported in the default tool-tips.

Fancy Tool-tips is an alternate way to show nice looking tool-tips instead of the browser default one. You simply need to add this module to a page and it will convert the default tool-tips to fancy ones.

You can see example of Fancy Tool-tips in following demo links:

How this Module Works?

You just need to add this module to a page, where you want to transform the default tool-tips into fancy tool-tips. Once module is added to the page, it will transform the tool-tips right away using the default settings. Settings can be changed from Module Settings page. You don't need to do anything special to the tool-tip text as this module will work on the title attribute (the same attribute on which the default tool-tips work).

If you want to have fancy tool-tips on all pages, you can use the option "Display Module on All Pages?". If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to contact us at dnnzone@gmail.com

Module Settings

You can customize following attributes of the Fancy Tool-tips module from module settings page:

  • Text Color - Specify the color for tool-tip text. Color should be specified in RGB format (e.g. #FFFFFF).
  • Background Color - Specify the color for tool-tip background. Color should be specified in RGB format (e.g. #222222).
  • Max Tool-tip Width - Maximum width for fancy tool-tip control.
  • Delay Time - Time (in mili-seconds). Tool-tip will be displayed after this specified time when mouse is moved over the control
  • Follow Cursor - Setting to control cursor follow.
Following is the screenshot of module settings page:


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